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Zelda/Link matching game


This is a simple game that demonstrates animation, sound and gameplay for a matching game. The sprites, sound and music are collected from The Legend of Zelda. The game is roughly 2,300 lines of code. The game was completed after roughly 35 hours of development.


  1. Accept the wise man's offering
  2. Kill enemies in the overworld
  3. Enemies have a chance to drop an item, collect the item displayed in the top HUD
  4. If your health gets low make sure to collect hearts

TIP: Use your boomerang to stun enemies! They won't be able to move, attack or submerge while stunned!


  • Arrow Keys: Move
  • Z: Attack with sword
  • C: Attack with stunning boomerang

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Starfox 3D flying game


This game is based off both the SNES and N64 versions of Starfox. It started as a proof of concept for a 3D game in Flash. Adobe recently added 3D to Flash Player, but it lacks many niceties that 3D libraries such as DirectX/OpenGL or graphics hardware provide. For example, there is not any automatic depth sorting. Similarly, drawing a relatively complex mesh requires that the vertices be projected/transformed manually. There isn't a standard mesh format, so I wrote a custom COLLADA parser to read models produced by Google's SketchUp. Lastly, Flash does not provide any 3D collision functions, so I had to write them from scratch.


Fly the Arwing through the pillars without crashing. Enjoy the encouragement of Peppy the Hare.

Timed correctly, you can barrel roll through buildings.

TIP: Fly sidewise to minimize your chance of collision.


  • Left/Right Arrow Keys: Horizontal control
  • Up/Down Arrow Keys: Vertical control
  • Z: Roll left - Tap twice to barrel roll!
  • C: Roll right - Tap twice to barrel roll!

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Code Samples

Player Class

This code shows the implementation of the Player class in the Zelda/Link matching game. The Player class is linked from the Flash IDE and controls animations, movement, and attacks.


Download Zelda project (.rar)

Requires Flash CS4 or higher

Developed using FlashDevelop, but not needed to compile or run the project